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I have engaged with Jennifer on multiple occasions over the past 10 years. She is very pleasant, smart, and professional. With the fairest approach to various legal issues...she has always had my family's best interest.

                — Jodie R., Royal Oak

Great lawyer

5.0 stars

Anonymous review posted on 
October 11, 2016

I hired Jennifer to represent my family in a custody case. Jennifer is a great lawyer that cared about my family and it showed while handling my case because she contacted me every step of the way. Jennifer took my case to heart and we won but it was not just about the case, I felt like she was part of my family fighting for my family. I would recommend her to anyone. I have hired lawyers in the past and once they received my payment it was hard to reach those attorneys or they only showed up to court with no solutions. Jennifer took the time to know every detail of my case and she was passionate every step of the way fighting for my family my. I hired other lawyers before but no other lawyer has compared to her work ethic, personable skill and experience. She truly cares about her clients and that is priceless.


4.0 stars

Posted by Angel 
September 29, 2015

I was blessed to have Jennifer represent me twice in court. A probate attorney, friend of mine referred me to her. When Jennifer and I met, for the first time, she hugged me instead of shaking my hand and that was exactly what I needed during that tough time in my life. She won my case too!

Experienced and trustworthy

5.0 stars

Posted by Kate 
August 26, 2015

When I first met with Jennifer, she immediately put me at ease with her warm demeanor and expertise. I greatly appreciated her putting the needs of my children first, and the work she did to assure the best possible outcome for them. I also greatly appreciated her honesty with me - telling me when I was being unrealistic and also reassuring me when I was worried. Because of her knowledge and experience, she was able to navigate through the divorce process in such a way that costs - and my stress level - were kept to a minimum. I highly recommend her to others and have done so in person several times.

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